Locomotive Haulage on Network SouthEast


This part of the site is your complete guide to loco-hauled trains on Network SouthEast. There is technical details and photographs of all the classes used, route profiles, when the last loco-hauled train on that route took place and what kind of unit replaced them. As with the rest of the site, if you feel you have any information or pictures which may of benefit to this section, e-mail me on nse@network-southeast.co.uk.  Please Note: Fleet sizes, numbering series etc, were correct year ending 1993.

The Locomotives
In all, Network SouthEast owned 5 classes of locomotive, and the odd ‘gronk’ (class 08 shunter). Each class is detailed in it‘s own section, with the information showing the fleet size, which subsector owned them, top speed, weight etc. (information correct as of 1994)

Class 33
Class 47
Class 50
Class 73
Class 86
A Comprehensive fleet list can be found here

The Routes
There were two main routes using regular locomotive haulage, and each of them is detailed on the page, and in the future it is hoped to include images showing the motive power used.


Further pictures of all classes of NSE locomotive can be found in the NSE Gallery

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