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Welcome to IRC Services. This section of the site is linked directly to #uk_railway on, the place for Enthusiasts to gather! Chat picks up from about 7.30pm each night, and can often continue until early next morning. If you can spare an 800k download, I suggest you download mIRC, a 32bit chat client, which will enable you to get the most out of #uk_railway. A version optimised for #uk_railway can be downloaded from the downloads section.

Things You Need to Know
If someone has an @ beside their nick it means that they are channel operators. Channel Operators are used to control a room, kick out nutters etc. Channel operators don't do much in #uk_railway, because we don't tend to have a problem with that sort of thing, but don't act like a fool, or you may find yourself ejected! :-)

You may have noticed me using little :-) and <g> symbols. There are abbreviations for emotions, sayings etc. Some you may come across in #uk_railway are:

:-) or :)             Smile     
<g>                        Grin
:-P or :P             Sticking your tongue out
lol                         Laugh out loud
rofl                    Rolling on the floor laughing
afaik                      As far as I know

There are many more, if you come across some you don't know about, then just ask!

I come on the channel frequently, and my nickname is Fox,  so do say hello! If you want to arrange a chat with me, drop me a line at . My ICQ no. is 34888400.

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