Welcome to the downloads section of the site, where you can download various railway-related files. Please note, you should ALWAYS run a virus checker after downloading files from the Internet, and I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damaged caused by downloads from this site.
OK, boring legal bit over, just select the files you wish to download, and hey presto!

mIRC 32 Chat Version
This 32 bit chat client will allow you to get the most out of IRC. Simply run the file, extract mirc, run mirc32.exe, enter your nickname, full name (you can put a false one if you are worried about security) and email address, and click connect. The program will automaticly connect you, and you will find yourself in #uk_railway.

Railway 32 Screensaver (Demonstration Version)
A ScreenSaver for Windows featuring animated railway scenes. Over 25 different scenes, with more than 40 different loco types.
Loco's include:
Class 37, 47, 50, 55, 56, 60, 59, 87, 90, 91 , 321, 411, 423, and loads more! There is even EWS liveried loco's (including the class 66) when you download the EWS graphicpack shown on this page.
You can even make your own graphics, or insert some of the ones I have created. This is a fully-featured demonstration version, which expires after 10 minuites. The cost of the full version is £10, proceeds go to charity.
The Railway screensaver is produced by Mark Goodspeed, and has it's own homepage here.

Screenshot from Railway 32 Screensaver. Graphics ©Mark Goodspeed

GraphicPacks for Railway 32 Screensaver
More loco's and Multiple units for the above mentioned screensaver, including some of the lastest liveries. At the moment there are only 3 GraphicPacks, but i hope to produce more if demand is high enough!

Pack 1- EWS Loco's (5kb)
Includes loco's from classes 37, 56, 60 and 66, all in revised EWS livery.

EWS Class 37 and 66. Graphics ©Michael Rodgers 1999

Pack 2- Class 47's (5kb)
Class 47's in Network SouthEast, Rfd, RES, Intercity, Virgin and Freightliner livery.

RES Class 47. Graphic ©Michael Rodgers 1999

Pack 3- Passenger (15kb)
A selection of passenger stock, including Intercity and Virgin MK3's, Class 159's, and Class 442's.

Class 442. Graphic ©Michael Rodgers 1999

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