Eastern Envoy Picture Report


On Saturday, May 15th 1999, Pathfinder tours ran 'The Eastern Envoy' tour to Par, in Cornwall. This was worked by Deltic D9000 on the way down, and steam 60800 'Green Arrow' on the way back, with the Deltic running behind. I managed to catch up with the tour when it stopped for half an hour at Plymouth. This is a photo-report of the preecedings. Yes, its not NSE, but who cares? :-)

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After a 15 minute wait, during which many people had began gathering on the platforms, 60800 came into view from the distance.

Getting closer......


until she rolled into the platform 8 of Plymouth station.

Rear of train
The rear of the train disappearing into the station. At this point, most people made their way up to the other end of the station, but a few of us waited behind to see D9000.

She rolled into view about 5 minutes afterwards.

D9000 was then stabled in platform 7, with the main steam charter on the adjacent platform.

A nice close-up shot :)

And another Deltic piccie!

This view of 60800 shows just how many people there were!

Inside D9000
Probably the highlight of the day was a chance to climb into D9000's cab! This shot, taken in rather cramped conditions, shows some of the controls.

And I managed to get a front-end shot of 60800 that were not obscured by the masses of people!

D9000 D9000
As the steam charter left, D9000 followed about 5 minutes after, to provide assistance if anything went wrong!

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