Network SouthEast in Preservation

The privatisation of British Rail back in 1994 hasn't meant that everything Network SouthEast has vanished off the face of the earth, indeed, many TOC's still run Network SouthEast liveried stock, and for the timebeing, many stations still retain the livery. However, this is destined to change before long, as more and more TOC's devise distinctive new liveries.

Luckily though, there are a few locations where you can still see Network SouthEast, and where you should still be able to see it for a while yet. A few preservation railways around the country own Network SouthEast liveried stock, and sometimes it is still possible to ride behind a Network SouthEast 'Hoover'!

This section of the site gives you the locations of all the preserved Network SouthEast Rolling stock. Please see the table below the photographs.   

50 027 on a Waterloo-Exeter run

50 027 parked at Grosmont, on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

You can still ride behind 50027... the North Yorkshire Moors Railway!

Locations of Preserved Network SouthEast locos:

NSE Loco/Unit Location
50 027 Lion North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Grosmont
50 002 Supurb Wembly Depot
33 035 London and North Western Railway, Crewe

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